Morgan Ranch

Morgan Ranch, Located in the heart of “Cow Country”, in placed in the Sandhills of Nebraska, is a gate to plate operation that runs a large herd of mother cows, and yearlings.  We still manage our ranch to best enhance the life of our livestock, and our selves.  The animals are all handled quietly, and on horseback the way our grand fathers did, and we always take care of our land, for it takes care of us.

Morgan Ranch cares for the cow/calf pairs until weaning time, and then we hold over all our calves and move the cows to winter grazing range in just to the north west of our ranch headquarters.  We run the calves over as yearlings until they are ready to continue their adventure to the feed lot, then to harvest (these go in to our own brand of beef that is sold worldwide as Morgan Ranch American Beef and Morgan Ranch American Wagyu Beef) and finally to the consumer.  In addition to running our own calves as yearlings, Morgan Ranch also runs a herd of back ground cattle throughout the summer months.

Morgan ranch like any good ranch has always tried to be great stewards of the land; any good rancher understands that to abuse the land, you abuse yourself.  We have always tried to maintain the Gracie Creek water shed in a sustainable ecological state, thus preserving the wildlife and natural plant communities.  Currently Morgan Ranch is involved in the conservation stewardship program and we are working on removing the invasive eastern red cedar.

Morgan Ranch is unique in its heritage and pride, as we own and run the cattle form “gate to plate” and ships our meat to resturants, consumers, and events around the world.  The Morgan Ranch has been in the Sandhills of Nebraska since 1956, and before that Mr. Chapman, and Aunt Ollie owned the land from the early 30’s until Doris and Dan Morgan bought it from Dan’s sister Aunt Ollie.  Morgan Ranch is still a family owned and operated ranch, with four generations currently living on the ranch. 

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